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Welcome to the Customize Your Web Wiki

Video Tutorials

See Videos Overview for a list of available video tutorials.

Written Documentation

For all who want to have a quick introduction into CYW read the Short Tutorial.

The detailed documentation is structured as follows whereas not everything is available yet:

  1. Basic Concept
  2. Script Editing
  3. Target Element Definition
  4. Re-Targeting an Action
  5. Actions
    1. Click Action
    2. Focus Action
    3. Modify Action
    4. Remove Action
    5. Cut / Copy / Paste Action
    6. Insert Actions
      1. Insert HTML Action
      2. Insert JavaScript Action
      3. Insert Stylesheet
    7. Keyboard Shortcut Actions
      1. Shortcut Action
      2. Listview Action
      3. Toggle Visibility Shortcut Action
      4. Macro Shortcut Action
    8. If Element Exists Action
  6. Im- and Exporting Scripts
    1. Import/Export Scripts from the Filesystem (Version 0.3)
    2. Importing Scripts from Weblinks (Version 0.4)
  7. How To...
    1. How to Report a Bug
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